Plutus money market fund

With the launch of the Plutus Money Market Fund, Afrinvest wanted to reach more people by removing the financial and technical barriers to investing. With the entry investment level set to as little as N5000 and the financial barrier removed. They partnered with Mobnia to remove the technical barriers to their new money market fund.



Mobile Responsive view

01 — Key Success Metrics

With Plutus, Afrinvest wanted to improve their client’s user experience by establishing a paperless process, that is accessible online especially on mobile.

They wanted to reach a new breed of investors many of whom are mobile and would be first-timers to investing.

The design and functionality had to ooze convenience, making it easy and at the same time bolstering confidence.

02 — Process

Our baseline analysis included content and ux analysis of market comparables.

User testing with wireframes and mockups to identify the online and offline barriers to investment.

Application flow and content model design.

Invest for yourself

03 — Results

Minimal steps and established path of least resistance to value,

Implemented interruption design that allowed users continue from where they left off on forms. This increased form completion remarkably.

CRM administration panel to manage the investments and users.

Abandoned investment follow-up system.

Increased efficiency and on-boarding of users by having smart defaults

Mobnia made the first version available to users in a record time of 3 weeks.