Institute for Industrial Technology

Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT) is a non-profit helping thousands of young urban men find employment in the manufacturing industry in Nigeria.

IIT’s online presence needed a refresh; their 8 year-old website no longer satisfied the needs of their students, partners, and donors.



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01 — Key Success Metrics

IIT is incredible at life changing interventions but most of these stories were not properly documented due to a non-existing content model and calendar.

As more of their students and beneficiaries in far-flung places came online they wanted to make their student admission process more accessible by taking the whole process online.

Ever so often IIT receives enquiries from their partners and other industry players who are looking to employ their alumni, so it mattered to them to have a central place where these requests could be captured and processed.

IIT’s key success metrics were established as:

Create a documentary platform and a content model that supports IIT’s social impact,
Increase student admission by improving access to the entire flow online.
Increase the employment rate of their Alumni by making it easier for industry recruiters to match

02 — Process

Through a process of discovery we established what the main message of the organisation was and how to present this side by side with their other minor messages.

As with our redesign process we carried out a baseline analysis and interviewed IIT’s management and other key stakeholders.

The baseline analysis studied their content model approach and identified bottlenecks to documenting social impact.

We also studied the entire flow of student admission to visualize how to replicate this online.

A web traffic analysis showed that most of their students visited the old website on mobile, this resulted to a high bounce rate as the website was not optimised for mobile.

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03 — Results

A responsive website with the entire admission process online increased the number of potential students applying for the courses and programmes.

We developed a content model that made it easier to share their social impact successes.

IIT collects a lot of data, and their new website allows them have a central place where this data resides with features to create forms easily.

The new website is refreshingly vectored. With content and direction, and a content model that allows for greater engagement.