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Washyard, a startup providing laundromat services across Lagos, guided by a commitment to quality and providing the best laundromat experience for their customers.



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01 — Key Success Metrics

Washyard reachout to Mobnia when they found out that their website did not measure up to the aesthetic, speed, and reliability that you experience at their physical locations.

It was clear to washyard that their more than 70% of their customer engagement would start online and they wanted to make sure that the first impression was a lasting good one.

From the outset of our partnership we established Washyard’s key success metrics as:

Search engine discovery
Compelling design and messaging

02 — Process

Our baseline analysis included performance analysis and content model analysis

The performance analysis showed that the old website took 11.6 seconds to load.

The baseline analysis studied their content model approach and identified bottlenecks to documenting social impact.

This slow load time and poor messaging affected the websites search engine ranking and put users off.

The company’s main message was hidden in many cases and without a visible call to action in place.

Search result for 'Laundry in Ikeja'

03 — Results

Since our partnership, Washyard’s new website now loads in 2 seconds or less

Washyard’s new website has risen to the top of search engine rankings for laundromats in their location in Lagos.

The new design brings their core message to the front and also features compelling images of their locations and facility.

New customers have With a call to action for new customers to reach them.

Google Insight's Pagespeed Score
Mobile Responsive view